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Simply Sincere Ceremonies for the Heart and Soul are for all occasions; weddings, births, changes or transitions of all kinds, and life’s special moments.

Ceremonies and rituals

Ceremonies and rituals are ways in which we celebrate and make memorable those moments and events in life that have special meaning. They may be formal or informal, religious or non-religious in nature,  and can be simple or complex.

Ceremonies celebrate pivotal moments such as weddings, births or deaths; or they may simply bring sacredness to a moment of daily life. Rituals comes in all sizes from mundane daily habits to the more sacred moments of meditation and rites of passage.

Workshops are also available to learn to create your own rituals and ceremonies.  Visit  Peaceways.us for workshops and more.

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Spiritual Care 

Those interested in sacred ritual or spiritual awareness, often choose to explore spirituality in many ways, to develop a deeper connection to the divine.  It is an understanding that not only the mind and body need to be cared for, but so does the Spirit. Spirituality also offers support through good times and not good times such as trauma, crisis, illness and more. Spiritual care, is support, offered in times of change, need for compassion, need for exploration in hope, fear, joy; or anytime a connection to something deeper is welcomed.

Spirituality and religion are related but not the same. One can be very spiritual without also being part of  an established group following areligious doctrine. However most find that support of others within a group of similar beliefs can be supportive.

A spiritual care provider listens, allows space for deeper wisdom, time for grounding and centering into deeper exploration of one’s own spiritual connection to self, other and the divine. The partnership is one between  client and the Divine which is facilitated by the spiritual care provider. A spiritual care provider can offer resources, tools, and support through  just listening and allowing a safe space to rest back into. Spiritual care can be beneficial in times of great growth as well as difficulties. At its core, it is a reminder that not only body and  mind need care, but at the heart of it all, care for the Spirit within as well.

Rev. Carol L Wetherill is an Ordained Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister. All religious path are respected.