Life’s Sacred Moments…

Make sacred each moment . Life is full of rituals that bring more meaning to life, and Spirit to life.

Rituals come in many sizes, styles, and exist for many reasons. Some rituals are similar to habits in that we repeat them time and time again, just to make life move along easier. Other rituals, enacted deliberately, set time and space apart, allowing for a state of awareness which connects us more fully to ourselves, others or to the Divine.

The occasion may be as simple as holding a moment sacred, perhaps breathing and welcoming another day, or saying an evening prayer. Rituals often mark occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or changes in life’s circumstances.

Any occasion may be recognized more fully by simply setting time and place apart with consciousness awareness. Rituals may be religious or non- religious in nature, formal or informal, simple or complex, but done with intention, bring a richer deeper appreciation of the event.

Please Schedule a free consult for more information, or if you are interested in learning more about rituals, celebrations.  If you are interested in having rituals or ceremonies created for you, or if creating your own rituals is more your style, contact me.

Or look for the workshop entitled ‘Rituals for all Occasions’ offered several times a year to learn how to create meaningful ritual and ceremonies for yourself; or learn how to create sacred space.